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First Aid for Sprain & Fractures

Sometimes its difficult to identify whether it is a sprain or fracture  medical advice should be taken in these situations .


 Sprain can be treated using  the simple  RICE procedure;

 Rest: Make the injured person lie down .

 Ice: Apply Ice on injured portion of body to reduce swelling .

 Comfortable : Make the person comfortable and relaxed .

 Elevation : Elevate the injured part a bit to make comfortable.


For fractures one  needs to visit hospital, but before visiting ,  make sure the injured person is  kept still and the injured portion of body is  supported by hands or being bandaged .fractur

Precautions  taken while providing first aid on injured area:

  • Do not massage the injured area .
  • Do not try to straighten the broken bone .
  • Do not move without support to broken bone .
  • Do not move joints above or below the fracture .
  • Do not give oral liquids or food  to injured person .

 For Open fractures :

  • First Control bleeding before treatment .
  • Clean and dress the wound or injured area .
  • Seek doctor’s advice .

 For open / closed fractures

  • Calm and relax  the person.
  • Immobilize the injured area .
  • Apply ice to reduce pain & swelling .
  •  Seek doctor’s advice .


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