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Eye Care

Computer eye strain : eye
Reasons for eye strain
Using a PC for longer  period of time.
Improper positioning of the PC.
Poor lighting.
Poor posture while working on PC.

Tips to prevent eye strain

Reduce glare by using antiglare glass on monitor.
Keep the PC away from you and at right angles .
Turn off or shield overhead lights.
Place your paperwork close enough so that you don’t have to keep refocusing when switching from the screen to the paper.
Use a paper document holder placed at the same height as the PC screen.
Place the screen in such a manner that your line of sight is 10 to 15° (about one–third of a 45°angle) below the horizontal position.
Dust off the screen often.
Blink often to keep your eyes from getting dry.
If you are using glasses or contact lens , use good quality one which are suitable for PC work .
Glasses and contacts worn for other activities may not be good for work on a PC.
Don’t use PC , if the image on the PC screen is blurred, dull, or flickers, get it serviced right away.


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