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Ways To Lose Double Chin

Double chin occurs because chin is one of those body parts where fat gets easily accumulated. Factors causing double chin are high intake of calories and fat containing food, ageing , leading a sedentary lifestyle, slack facial muscles and genetics.

Ways to lose double chin.

1.    Eat fresh fruits, vegetables , oats, cereals and low fat dairy products .This helps to reduce excess fat accumulated in our body. Avoid eating fried food . Eat food cooked in less oil and avoid food which contains high amount of fats.

2.    Do exercise  regularly . Activities like jogging ,swimming ,cycling etc should also be practiced regularly.

3.    Special exercise mentioned below should be practiced dailyloose-double.

  • Sit up straight .Tilt your head  back. Open your mouth for 5-6 seconds and then close it. This helps to stretch chin muscles .Repeat this activity for 5 times daily.  The mouth should then be opened and closed, so that the chin muscles stretch with each movement.
  • Stand up straight. Slowly move your head to the left, trying to touch your left ear to your left shoulder. Hold for 5-6 seconds. Repeat it on right side also.  Keep your double-chinshoulder  relaxed  and  do not elevate. Repeat 3 – 5 times.
  • Stand up with the head at a normal angle facing the front wall. Now pull your chin upwards such that your face is also lifted upwards .stay in that position for 5-6 seconds and then come back to normal position. Repeat this activity for 5 times daily.

4.    Surgical methods like plastic surgery and liposuction are used to remove double chin in severe cases , after getting an approval from the doctor.


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