Natural Concoction to heal heart blockages

Below is Natural Concoction to clear heart blockages

1 .One Cup Apple Cider Vinegar        

2. One Cup Lemon Juice

3. One Cup Garlic Juice.(Do not add water)

4. One Cup Ginger Juice. (Do not add water)

Put all 4 cups of ingredients in a pan , keep simmer flame & boil all ingredients down to about one cup. During boiling process the color of concoction might change .Now let the concoction cool till normal room temperature. When concoction reaches normal temperature , add one cup pure honey and stir well and keep in a air tight bottle.

Now take two tablespoons full in the morning with empty stomach and nothing else and let the magic to heal you begin in your life . You will experience the change within a month .


Smoking Impact on Health


Smoking is Injurious to Health nearly 90% people on the planet know that and still large number of people do smoke and the irony is it’s well accepted in society . Smoking is addictive and thus when people start once it seems very difficult to them to quit smoking .

I thank you for reading this post because , you reading this post itself shows that you are really really concerned about your health . Let us look into some facts which you might have or  might not have known .

The damage caused by smoking is influenced by:

1.Whether  cigarette has a filter

2. Number of cigarettes smoked in a day

3.The way how the tobacco has been prepared for it .

On average, each cigarette shortens a smoker’s life by around 11 minutes.

Research has shown that smoking reduces life expectancy by seven to eight years and it seems to be a known fact to many people. We all know death is inevitable but at the same time everyone cherishes to have good health throughout his life span . 

Now let us look at why is it injurious ?

It basically starts process of hardening of arteries over a period of  years , as cholesterol  and fat deposits in arteries making them narrow , blocked or rigid . In this situation blood clots are likely to form in arteries leading to cardiovascular disease based on which arteries and blood vessels are involved.

Fatal Consequence : Blood clots in the heart and brain are the most common causes of sudden death .

  • a blood clot in the arteries supplying the heart, which can lead to a heart attack also known as Coronary thrombosis
  • The blood vessels to the brain can become blocked due to blood clot , which can lead to collapse, stroke and paralysis .This is also known as Cerebral thrombosis .
  • In case of arteries of kidney it results in high blood pressure or kidney failure .
  • The risks it causes for developing cancer is numerous some of them are  :
  • Lung cancer
  • bladder cancer
  • cancer of the oesophagus
  • cancer of the kidneys
  • cancer of the pancreas
  • cervical cancer
  • COPD : Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a collective term for a group of conditions that block airflow and make breathing more difficult  such as :  emphysema – breathlessness caused by damage to the air sacs (alveoli) and chronic bronchitis  .Smoking is one of major causes and common cause for it .

How much impact it causes on health .

  • Eye is one of the  most important part of the body , and blood vessels in the eyes are sensitive and can be easily damaged causing a blood shot .
  • Smoking can cause macular degeneration, resulting in the gradual loss of eyesight.
  • Apart from eyesight it influences your arteries , lungs ,kidney ,heart etc .
  • It affects production of thyroid in body  and other important harmones .

Passive smoking  :

Passive smoking puts you at even higher risks

How does quitting help ?

Lung damage from COPD is permanent, and  quiting smoking at any stage reduces the rate of decline in lung capacity. When  lung capacity declines breathlessness begins .


Diet Tips for monsoon (rainy season)


During monsoon days capability of our body’s digestive sytem is at its lowest and thus making us susceptible to diseases and having decreased immunity .Here are some tips for diet to maintain good health in monsoon .

1 .Avoid heavy salty food as it promotes water retention and bloating. It is better to have medium or low salt food.

2 .Have  food which are dry in nature, like corn, (chana)chickpea , (besan) gram flour, (jow) oats. Avoid foods with high amount of fluid like rice, watermelon, muskmelon etc as it causes swelling in the body.

3 .Avoid Potatoes, cauliflower, cluster beans, ladies’ finger among vegetables and  pigeon pea, kidney beans, urad and sprouted grains should also be avoided .      

4 .The milk is the better diet in this season. Drink butter milk as it improve digestion. Oily food should be taken in less quantity.

5 .Eat light foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals etc and avoid too much of meat or fish. One can also enjoy grilled, tandoori foods which need minimum oil/butter.

6 .Avoid foods which are very sour like tamarind (imli), chutneys and pickles as they promote water retention.

7 .Consume a lot of bitter vegetables like karela (bitter gourd) and bitter herbs like neem (margosa), methi (fenugreek) seeds, haldi (turmeric) as it prevents infection.

 8 .Add ginger, garlic, asafoetida(hing) ,pepper, cumin powder (jeera powder), coriander(dhaniya powder) and turmeric (haldi) in your daily diet to improve your immunity and enhance digestion .


Diet and lifestyle preacautions in monsoon (rainy season )



     We heartily welcome first showers of monsoon after summer . And same time  we need to take precautionary measures to prevent ourselves from diseases like malaria , dengu , jaundice, gastro intestinal infections etc .

Here are some precautions listed below :                                      

1 Drink plenty of clean water . If using tap water at home then drinking boiled water is recommended .

2 .Keep surrounding clean and do not let water to accumulate around .Fumigating the house in evenings for 3-4 minutes with smoke of dried margosa leaves (neem leaves ) is ayurvedic method to keep mosquitoes away.

3.Eat light foods prepared out of old barley, rice and wheat which are easily digestable  . Avoid unhygienic road side food  

4.Have sour and salted soups of vegetables

.5 .Drink  boiled and cooled water mixed with little honey.

6.Add ginger and green gram in daily diet.

7 Dry your keep your feet dry & clean with soft dry cloth whenever they are wet. 8 .Avoid eating uncooked foods and salads. Wash vegetables with clean water and steam them well to kill germs.


Happiness and Health

Health is a blessing yearned by all human being . One of the key to access of good health is “Happiness” (one word with miraculous effect on life). Recent studies and researches have proven the effects of mental state on human body . 

 Recent study confirms an earlier finding by Carnegie Mellon University Psychology Professor,Sheldon Cohen, in which he found people who are happy, lively, calm or exhibit other positive emotions are less likely to become ill when they are exposed to a cold virus than those who report few of these emotions. This shows up the possibility that happier and people with positive emotions have greater resistance to infectious illness .

Cohen’s recent study and researches controls other parameters with the same result: The people who have positive emotions are less likely to catch colds and also less prone to sickness. This result is held true regardless of their levels of optimism, extraversion, purpose and self-esteem, and of their age, race, gender, education, body mass or prestudy immunity to the virus.

“We need to take more seriously the possibility that positive emotional style is a major player in disease risk,” said Cohen, the Robert E. Doherty Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon.

So here is my invitation , when we can have access to good health by just making shift in our mental state towards positive emotions then we should use this oppurtunity to bring good health and vitality in our life by just looking at brighter aspect of our life  .

Thank You for taking time to read this article .

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Hair Nourishment Diet for Grey Hair



For healthy hair following vital nutrition is essential .

a) Vitamin A - vitamin A is necessary for promoting a healthy scalp and gives body and glow to your hair.

b) Vitamin B – vitamin B regulates the secretion of oil, keeps hair healthy & moisturized.

c) Minerals – minerals like zinc, iron & copper promote healthy hair. Food sources: zinc – red meat, chicken & green vegetables; iron – beef,red meat, parsley, eggs,; copper – seafood, egg yolk & whole grains.

d) Proteins – consuming more of protein gives your hair natural shine and good texture.


Food which contains these nutrition


  1. Eat foods rich in iron, minerals and vitamin A and B. Vitamin A - dark green vegetables & yellow fruits.


Vitamin B - fresh green leafy vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, cauliflower, cereals, liver kidney, yogurt, yeast and wheat germ. Minerals -


a) zinc - red meat, dried apricots ,chicken & green vegetables b) iron - beef, dried apricots, red meat, parsley, eggs, wheat & sunflower seeds c) copper - sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, crabs and oysters, egg yolk & whole grains.


  1. Eat food rich in protein as sprouted whole grains, cereals, meat and so
  2. Eat foods rich in iodine such as banana, carrots and fish.
  3. Drink butter milk with a 2 teaspoons each of yeast and wheat germ . This will prevent and cure greying of hair.
  4. Grate some fresh ginger and mix with honey and keep it in a jar. Take intake of 1 teaspoon everyday.